Monday, April 8, 2013

Ignoring The Warning Signs

This dude is in the process of being cuckolded and he better dump this cheating whore before he gets left with 18 to 21 years of child support for a kid that won't even be his. 

This is honestly hard to do and for the longest time I've pretended that all was well, but recently I have something eating away at me and it's got me at a point where I don't know what to do.

I'm 28 years old, I've been dating my gf for just under 7 years. We've had our fair share of ups and downs like any relationship has, but now I'm beginning to question whether she's being totally honest with me. We are both very close with each others family, I guess that's expected after 7 years, in a way, you can say she's my parents daughter-in-law and I'm her parents son-in-law. I'm beginning to suspect her of cheating on me and it's hard to even type that message out. The thought of her going behind my back like this is almost too hard to even understand. I guess to catch you all up-to-speed I need to help you with understanding the chain of events leading up to this.

It started on Halloween of last year, we were at a costume pub crawl and I was playing DD (designated driver) she was intoxicated, and later in the night I saw her paying a lot of attention to her cell phone. Soon enough I caught a glimpse of a guys names she was texting. I let it go and asked her about it the following day when she sobered up. She mentioned that she flirts with guys, its only harmless and she does it cause it makes her feel good. I didn't like hearing that my gf was proactively flirting with other men but i let it slide. But being curious, I saw on her facebook (under her listed friends) a guys name who matched up with the one she texted. Next I noticed her taking interest in a college football team that she had no business knowing anything about, it was very strange for her, and then I noticed that the guy she was texting that night graduated from that college... Things are beginning to feel a little iffy to me. About a month and a half later she mentions that she has a business trip in this texas city that she had to go to for this project she's working on and it fell on the weekend. Funny (or not so funny) thing is that the city her business trip was in was the same city this guy lives in (google is very helpful).

Next she is going through her mail, paying bills, etc. and she puts on the table her credit card bill. To this day I wish I didnt see it because now what I saw haunts me in a way. she purchased the flight on her own personal credit card. Mind you she has a corporate credit card for ALL her business expenses... So now I'm thinking WTF is going on, but I never said anything, and I regret it to this day not approaching the subject immediately.

So, I did see the Credit card statement on accident for the flight, but with my curiousity killing me I looked at her recent one (snooped around which I'm not proud of) and noticed she was buying liquor when she was there. Which is very strange to me because usually when you're on a business trip you go out each night to restaurants, bars, etc. you don't go to liquor stores (she's not a big drinker anyways). And I map quested the liquor store and it was 1.4 miles away from the guys house who I'm questioning (once again google very helpful)...

Well, now i feel like a total POS because I have that feeling that she is cheating, maybe physical, maybe emotional, maybe both... The thought of either drives me nuts though. Last week she sent me an email stating she has to go back to that city for another business trip which is less than a month away. It makes me sick thinking about it.... I want to talk to her about everything I just wrote to you, but I'm confident that if I do that we will be breaking up. She thinks I question her too much and is getting fed up with it, and I feel that things are adding up too much. I haven't talked to my family about this because I don't want them to hate her if I was wrong. But all signs point to something going on...I've invested 7 years into this relationship and I want to make it work, but I don't want to be the only one trying. At times it seems that she's just going through the motions while I'm trying... I think I know what I need to do and maybe I just needed to write it out here first. I was cheated on before, it sucked, it seems that history has repeated itself yet again with me.

Question- How would you guys/girls bring it up? Should I just sit her down and talk calmly about it, asking her to be honest (even though she will likely deny)... Or do I just end it and let it be? When you snoop around and find something, how do you use that information? Because we all know once information comes out that you shouldn't have all bets are off... 

It's over dude, let some other sucker get stuck with her. Be thankful you never married her. Don't ignore the warning signs. Move on before it's too late and if you do decide to hang on to your "investment" be sure it gets a paternity test before your name goes on the Birth Certificate.  


mfe26 said...

Texting other guys and flirting "to make her feel better"? Shoulda up and left her then. Never let em get away with that.

John Rambo said...

Jesus man. This guy needs to grow a pair of balls and DUMP THAT FUCKING BITCH and never speak to her again.

This is why you do not date a girl in America for longer than 4 weeks.

Anonymous said...

John Rambo is a raging homosexual. Here's an actual quote from him: "Sex with girls isn’t the greatest thing in life, and in reality, it’s actually quite boring." Go google it! It turns out that John Rambo (Rambo because he likes having things "rammed" into him) is gaybones and is refusing to come out of the closet! This is the cause of all his anger and inner hatred of himself. Let it go Rambo and let the love up into ya!

cybro said...

What I was hoping you guys would get from this is that relationships are not investments. Anymore than leasing a car or renting an apartment is an investment. At best a relationship with females is something nice only at times but more often it is a hazardous liability with severe financial penalties when things go wrong. Eventually things always go bad because they start testing to see what they can get away with. When that happens it means it's time to move on. The joy ride is over. The new car smell is gone. Trade her in for something better. Don't stick around trying to fix things are make things better because it never happens.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to accept, man, but it's over. Run. I have been married nearly 38 years, so this is not a knee jerk response.

Once you have kids, you will have to look the other way if you care for your kids.

Did I say run?

Anonymous age 71

hans said...

We've had our fair share of ups and downs like any relationship has

Whenever I hear this it´s everything I need to know.
The chump has been too beta and she has free reign walking all over him.

Which makes her bored beyond belief in under 5 years, cue bad boy dick from the left side of the stage .. and from the front and the back, etc.

Sure Poindexter, you´ll find that NAWALT bitch.
Just pay you vaginamoney in the mean time. Like the obedient little slave you are.

cybro said...

Ha, Poindexter, that's a good one, I thought the same thing myself.

For those of you who don't know. Poindexter is the name Tom Leykis uses for guys who chicks marry for the financial security but they bang other guys on the side. Some call them Beta's other call them Suckers.

I say just don't ever be that guy.

Roy Scott Movrich said...

And leave her there.
Incidentally, people who make mean jokes about other people's sexuality usually need to have their own questioned.

Doc said...

Seven years???!!! You've been f**king the same pussy for seven years? Dude... You seriously need to dump that and get a new - younger piece of a**. Look, you're 28 which means that she is well over her prime. She's decided that she isn't going to have fun with you so you are her "safety net" in case she gets knocked up.

Look, I'm a LOT older than you, and I love women like yours who have a safe boyfriend. I ride them bareback all the time, since "I never let my BF do that." It turns them on taking that risk, and YOU will be the one she'll come to after she's knocked up.

Look, I'm no Saint - obviously, I do it because these women are whores and I enjoy whores - especially the ones that like to pretend they aren't. But I don't like to see a guy played for a sap - and you're being played... Big time...

So you can ditch her, or wait till she tells you the condom broke, or she's knocked up. I have more than a few bastards out there that other men are paying for - idiots that they are...

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