Sunday, March 31, 2013

That Will Never Be Me

Since the ladies like to piss and moan about what happened to all the good men, allow me to illustrate with this story I found as to generally what happened to a few of us. 

In short we made our observations and planned accordingly.

Passive Aggressive Woman

My wife turns everything I say against me, she has constant and inappropriate criticism about me when we are alone, and is always defensive when it comes to her own actions; she can’t take the slightest remark against her. She never appreciates things that are done around the home, she has no intimacy and leans towards a sexless marriage. She hates it when I talk with friends, or when I plan on doing some sort of social thing like fishing, going to a ball game, target shooting, etc… even though she says it’s OK to do it, I can still see it in her expressions.

Been married 25 years, and for the most part I ignore the above, I know I should have ran a long time ago… but I didn’t, mostly for my child’s sake, who knows?, maybe I have saved someone else from this miserable life style I’m in. I have looked back on my life just to reflect on how I use to be, then it suddenly dawns on me… this has compromised my emotional behavior badly. I’m am now just as messed up as she is and I truly don’t know how much longer I can go and keep my emotional sanity. What in the hell have I done to myself…

She has been a good mother, and a hard worker in which I’m glad of, especially due to fact I’m unemployed at the moment. We have worked hard together to have the things we have; we are blessed, because most everything is paid in full. Oh! Let me remind you that being unemployed comes with the constant criticism as mentioned above… note to self, “remember when you worked you never had enough time to spend at home” how ironic is that?

I have been to consoling, wife refused… she didn’t like what she was told btw, this was years ago, I listened to his advise and I’m aware of everything he said about the relationship, he was right, and it is manageable so long as you don’t get emotional compromised by it… people are people and will sometimes will be who they are, it’s up to you, if you can live with it.

Funny thing that my son (25 years old now) asked me a couple of years ago… Why are you still married? I couldn’t live like that… Has this affected him?… absolutely he is still single and very careful of who and what type of women he wants to spend his life with. 

I remember a few years ago when I was in Italy I was getting on an elevator to go back to my hotel room. There was a slightly older American couple already in there when the doors opened. The guy was standing in front and what I guess was his wife was standing behind him. The first thing I heard was her barking orders at the guy to get out of my way. As I stood to the side I could see her poking her finger in his back telling him to close the doors and hit whatever floor button she was telling him to push. 

The guy looked like a beaten dog that wanted to crawl under a porch and hide. His head was bent down, tail between his legs and I just knew he was constantly taking a ton of crap from this typical American female abomination. For whatever reason they were in Italy he clearly was not enjoying the trip while she appeared to be sadistically loving every minute of it. I wanted say something but I knew he would just get more shit for it later no matter if he said something back to me or not. So I just thought to myself "that will never be me." 

You ladies will never understand that you are your own worst enemies. Young men like the guy in the story are taking notice of your bad behavior and want nothing to do with you. If you ever really want decent men to come back to you, you better start policing your own. I know that will never happen but I'll say it anyway. 

More for the benefit of other men than you. 


SPM8 said...

Divorce makes many men worried about ever getting into a relationship. Boys increasingly raised in a society where marriages break down are unlikely to think it's worth the trouble. Ridiculous laws in divorce cases that favor women and make men slaves to courtroom declarations where their wealth is given to the woman who also gets full custody of the children is also very worrisome regardless of the circumstances.

hans said...

Hah, at this point even if I was the last man on Earth and had a harem of virgins to ensure the continuation of the species I would run for the hills.

Run fast and run long.

The last couple of your articles still seem to hold a whiff of NAWALT, with all the "tips" for cuntkind to get a clue.
Hope you get over it.
That´s usually the genetic programming speaking, fueled by the sexdrive. It´ll tone down when you get older, ;)

Anonymous said...

Haha dude if you are the last man on earth and you have a harem of virgins, you can control them and do whatever you please with them. If they get out of line, beat them.

And since you are the last man on earth, there are no other men there to act as mangina police men to arrest you.

If I was the last man on earth, I would be living like a God.

cybro said...

Oh not all women are like that, you guys are just bitter, you just haven't found the right one yet ... bla, bla, bla.

Dan said...

Remember, a woman wants to be in an LTR with a man who's stronger than her. She'll test you regularly and you have to beat down that attitude early and often. A more masculine woman will test mercilessly and it can be exhausting.

After more than a decade of marriage to a feminist (big mistake!) I was a tired, beaten man. Now single again and enjoying an LTR with a feminine woman who thinks I'm a very strong, confident man (because I work at it and don't give in to my weaknesses). So you can be in a healthy LTR but you have to control your own weakness first.

ScareCrow said...

Dan cleans public laboratories for a living.

But do not worry, there is a promotion involved.

After 10 years, they give him a brush.

MarkyMark said...

So you can be in a healthy LTR but you have to control your own weakness first.

I get what you're saying, but for me, it's too much WORK! WTF would I engage in a mad power struggle with some bitch when I can have peace and quiet doing what I want, when I want, how I want-or nothing at all... :)

djc said...

What Mark said. Why screw up a perfectly quiet serene life by introducing chaos, and drama into it? They're not worth the trouble.

Dan said...

The new brush is awesome! It will help me pay off the B.A. in Art History

hans said...

@"the anony right after my comment"
I´m pretty sure that when the world ends turning into a raping Tyrannt is not an option for me, TYVM.
Neither is suffering the whims and annoyances of the female and it´s brood.

I commend you for rising above the supplicating mangina instincts you have been trained into by our feminist society, but the biggest weakness of Man is woman.
So you´re not there yet.