Sunday, March 17, 2013

Red Pill Truth Leaks Out Into Blue Pill Media

I don’t know how this happened, especially coming from such a notoriously evil (sarcasm) writer and world traveler as Roosh V but it did. The unfiltered truth about what relationships with American FemBots are really like made it on the Washington Times. This may go down like the Don’t Marry Career Women article did in Forbes. The FemBorg Collective fully deployed their Hunter/Killer Sentinels to take down that one. The best they could do though was get some lame counterpoint posted next to the original article. I would expect some kind of similar reaction here.

I’m sure most of you have already read the interview. It’s pretty tame actually but still it’s all true. I can back up everything this guy is saying with my own experiences outside and inside the US. You really will be treated much better in some places outside the US just don’t ever bring them back. He even suggests places that don’t use English as a primary language. I like that idea but I don’t think it’s completely bullet proof. From what I hear in places like India and Japan the women there can be just as nasty or worse than in the US, overall though the situation for American men outside the US is still much better.

That’s the part the FemBots can’t handle and that’s why I think there will be a counter attack to the interview. There will be the usual denial, blame shifting and shaming but as that stops working for them I predict they will double down on the hate angle. Just like with ohblama how every political disagreement with the actions of that administration is racist so will it be with any truth concerning the nature of relationships with American or Western FemBots. It will be smeared as dangerous hate speech. 

Look at this comment for example.

The hatefulness surrounding Roosh and his "followers" is what's most shocking. This is not about the pros and cons of feminism and modernity anymore. Like racism or Anti gay propanda this discussion ceased to be about arguments. Some people on here or on Roosh' blog are so full of hate it makes you shiver. The men stopped viewing women as human beings who also suffer, dream, are in pain, feel happiness or die, just like them. This development is creepy. And Roosh... he seems seriously depressed, his depression is covered up by narcissm. Dangerous. – Lisa

Yadda, yadda, yadda... What they should be doing instead of crying wolf about nonexistent hatred is trying to figure out why men are becoming so indifferent to them. Of course that is one development I don’t think we will ever see happening.

The sad part is even if American FemBots were to repent in sackcloth and ashes for the past 40 or 60 years of Feminazism they still wouldn't get someone like me back. Once these females get used up and worn out, what man would want that anyway?  I’m happy for them if they find religion but I still don’t trust these miraculous conversions to Churchianity as anything but another attempt to dupe some man into financing their retirement in the form of a Marriage 2.0 contract.

Well not me brother. Roosh V seems to think nice guys are losing because they have to settle for some aging spinster well past her expiration date. Maybe ten years ago that was more common but now I happen to think the nice guys are finishing first for a change by simply going their own way and not playing into that game anymore.


Q Continuum said...

Women will forever rationalize away or cast blame on men for their own behavior. It does make one wonder if women are capable of being human after all.

Take The Red Pill said...

Q Continuum: "...It does make one wonder if women are capable of being human after all."

Oh yes, they are definitely capable of being human -- just selfish, immature, spoiled, arrogant, childish ones.

Put one of these "strong, independent", "doesn't need a man" female children outside her 'comfort zone' or where she has no one to depend on but herself, and watch how quickly she goes to pieces and starts wailing for 'someone' to help her. (I've seen it happen (from a distance); as a MGHOW, it's VERY amusing (such delicious schadenfreude!)!)

"A feminist can never be found when the lifeboats are being loaded!" -- Anonymous

Roy Scott Movrich said...

This Lisa represents the worst of them all - yes AWALT.
She is the type of woman who fought, tooth and nail, for her "eeekwaliteee" and now that the shoe is rapidly finding itself on the other foot, has discovered that her much vaunted "eeekwaliteee" is amounting to grief instead.
She should be lucky that men, up till now, are still at the "indifferent" stage. Beat a puppy long and often enough and it will ultimately turn mean. This Lisa should be on her knees praying to her feminist goddess that the men haven't turned mean. Yet. And that the palpable, simmering hate she senses on the blogs hasn't overflowed into all out violence. When it does, and the signs are all there that the day is rapidly approaching, the darkest slime hole won't hide her from the fury when her feminist milieu collapses around her ears.

@ Take The Red Pill:
These women are always flaunting their "grrrrllllll POWAH".
We should remind them, forcibly, that bicycles have no need of fish either. I am always grateful to MarkyMark for coming up with that remark "women want equality with the paycheck and chvalry with the bills". Perhaps its time to tell these women "Yo! Feminist! Do it yourself!"

BOSS said...

Biological imperatives. As a young man who had the blue pill shoved down his throat by a stage 10 clinger, I see them so clearly now thanks to Rex and others in the Manosphere (shout out to Rollo at Rational Male).

I wasted a year out of my life coming out of college trying to tame an otherwise serviceable girl; in the absence of feminine directives and partyslut mentality, she would have made a good wife in the traditional sense.

The problem here? These girls have been conditioned by the system to think that they can have it all. The laughs come when they hit the impending wall and their biological directive of giving birth and nurturing a life is impaired by a chain of self-centered decisions that make them hardly worth the investment.

Young men, continue to get your cake up and relish the fact that these women are giving up ass for next to nothing in this market place. If you make the poor decision to settle down, do so from a place of financial dominance and alpha mentality where you can control EVERY variable that might turn your girl into a "Lisa".