Saturday, February 2, 2013

When They Say Man Up You Better Man Out

Whenever chicks tell men individually or as a whole they need to Man Up and do this or Man Up and do that.  You can bet it's some scheme to get men to do some bullshit that is anything but what is good for men. Just when I think things can not sink to a new low, they do. 

This could be some lame ass marketing ploy to try and get men to buy something they normally never would. In case it isn't I will present it here as an example of what men should absolutely not be doing.  

Jordan asked his girlfriend, Deirdre “What would you do if I proposed and gave you an engagement ring”? “If you do, you better make sure you have one for yourself”, said Deirdre. They both looked at each other and simultaneously said” Yes, why isn't that a concept? Of course a lengthy discussion ensued. Why is it that our engagement process only includes the woman being “off the market”? 

Why don’t men “ Man-Up” and show the world, as women do, that they are 100% committed to their love, and wear a Man-Up-Male Engagement ring?

No, hell no, let’s not and with millions of reasons to pick from why men should not get married don’t go getting engaged either.

It is our aim, at Man-Up Engagements, that the woman is able to experience the same amount of pride, in knowing that her man is proclaiming to the world that he too is “TAKEN”, by wearing one of our male engagement rings. 

Taken down is more like it and Jordan is going to find that out the hard way.

So men, when the day does come that you decide to present your woman with an engagement ring,

That day should never come…

your woman will be expecting for you to have one for yourself!

Keep them expecting and giving out those free samples but don’t give them that ring or sign that marriage contract. That is the secret to getting what you want out of women. That is why they are on their best behavior leading up to a wedding. It's got nothing to do with your illusions about being a Jedi Master of Game. Once the ink is dry on that marriage contract they will take it all back out of your ass financially hundreds times over, happily ever after. 

Do not disappoint her.

Oh well, life is full of disappointments, better her than you. 

She is the love of your life and you need to show that to the world, with our Man-Up Male Engagement ring. 

No you don’t and I suspect someone is just trying to sell rings with this Man-Up BS. 

This is a true story and now not only did I man-up but my love and I have chosen to widen this movement. I firmly believe in this. I would love to know how everyone else feels about this topic and if my bride to be and I are representing this the correct way.

I find this hard to believe because any money spent on a ring for him is money not spent on her. At the same time once chicks do get men spending time and money on them they try to see how far they can push things. Like getting the dude to wear an engagement ring or giving him pink or lavender colored shirts to wear for example. 

There is a picture of what implies to be the couple. She looks 35 and he looks 31. That right there puts her 5 years past her expiration date. What is this dude going to do, make babies with that chick?  More than likely she can't have any and if she does there is good chance the kid will have physical problems. 

My advice is to walk out of this while you still can, take that ring, melt it down into ammo and use those girly girl shirts to clean your motorcycle with. 

Now that would be Manning Up but this advice is for older men. 

We here at MGTOW INC. have not forgotten about the younger generation of men not quiet ready to go their own way and would like to present this free PUA training video special just for you. 

Take notes how it's done boys and show them ladies your stuff. There is a pot of gold with an engagement ring in it waiting for you at the end of that rainbow.  


MarcoP said...

Way to go! Let men pay for two engagement rings, then for two wedding proposal rings, then for two wedding rings. What, you thought the Man-Up Ring should be a gift TO the man from his future bride? Loser, no wonder you can't get laid.

R.P. said...

Ha, I think someone is being sarcastic.

MarkyMark said...

Do NOT get married! The life you save may be your OWN...

Anonymous said...

Lol, this has got to be a joke. All them crazy spinsters wandering through the desert of reality. Is that an engagement ring? No it's TWO engagement rings. No wait, it's just a mirage. Go enjoy your cats now.

John Rambo said...

"Now that would be Manning Up but this advice is for older men.

We here at MGTOW INC. have not forgotten about the younger generation of men not quiet ready to go their own way "

Young man speaking here. It is my observation and personal experience that 90 percent of men over the age of 40 are MANGINAS. Especially the baby boomer generation of men. They will hate on anyone who speaks against feminism.

It's the younger men who are waking up in huge numbers now. Go to any forum or message board for young men and you'll see 90 percent of the younger men saying the same thing- they don't want to get married, modern women are rubbish, etc.

It's the YOUNGER MEN who are antifeminist. The OLDER generation of men are hopeless and things won't change until they all die off. This baby boomer generation was the worst generation to ever live on this planet. They are a cancer and should die as soon as possible. Once the baby boomers are all dead and gone, THEN things can start changing.

R.P. said...

I wouldn't go waiting around on anyone or any group to change anything. Men can immediately improve their lives simply by doing what is in their own self interests and not what wymunz and their society tells them they should be doing.

The majority of young men are still going to act like young men always do. Running around beating their chests and banging every pile of rocks they think has a snake in it to prove to themselves how manly man they are.

Good luck trying to warn them. They will only mock you for your efforts. Five or ten years from now when they are sitting in jail because they went $5,000 past due on child support they'll have plenty of time to figure this stuff out on their own.

Or I should say.

Plenty of time sitting in their PUA jail cells “contemplating the sadness” of their wallets.

Russ DoGG said...

Hey did y'all watch the superbowl? This strategy of men avoiding marriage seems to be picking up steam.

The halftime act: "...You should've put a ring on it".... "put a ring on it"..
Then they started repeating the "put a ring on it" ad nauseam..

Anonymous said...

Russ Dogg, you think that was subliminal conditioning? Or was Beyonce just lipsynching and her tape got stuck?

Take The Red Pill said...

Have you ever noticed that the vast majority of these women are NEVER interested in 'commitment' or 'marriage' when they are young and beautiful and fertile, and used to actually have something to offer in a relationship?

Is it just me, or has anyone else also noticed that they become concerned about 'commitment', etc., ONLY when they are no longer 'riding the carousel' (or have been pushed off of it) -- when they are little more than jaded trollops with bad attitudes, have lost nearly all of their looks and fertility, most likely have STDs and addictions and mental problems, and possibly a few thugspawn or two in tow, to boot?

"Man up", my a*s!!! RUN AWAY! Run silent, run deep, just get as far away as you can get!!

Anonymous said...

Lol, read this one dude!

They had better get used to celebrating singleness!!!

R.P. said...

She sees marriage as oppressive, and though she recognizes the practical benefits it can convey, she says it's inextricably tied to patriarchy.

Ok by me. The next time one of these, I don't care about marriage that's why I'm so obsessed with it types, won't shut up about marriage I'll just tell them I'm not married because divorce is oppressive to men and inextricably tied to the matriarchy.

djc said...

To the youngster talking about baby boomers. I'll be 60 in about a year. And I have no intention of even dating an American woman again. I guess I'm in that 10% that thinks they suck, and aren't worth my time.

Anonymous said...

"Good luck trying to warn them. They will only mock you for your efforts. Five or ten years from now when they are sitting in jail because they went $5,000 past due on child support..."

I live abroad and I occasionally meet/hear from people back home who owe massive amounts of c.s., facing jail, etc. NONE of them will leave the cradle, ever, not even under threat of prison. I try to tell them that life is better out here. That yes, they could get a passport before its too late, get pages added (you'll need those), leave the U.S., get a job teaching English if you don't have a useful skill beyond government work, and live for up to 10 years in freedom (when the passport runs out) as I am doing but no sale.

They won't do it. A lot can happen in 10 years and 10 years of freedom followed by a life time in prison is better than a lifetime in prison NOW. They won't do it. Most are so cowed, so afraid, so married to not just their petty little lives but everything that makes the U.S. a monstrous slave plantation that they just can't even conceive of leaving. Freedom means nothing to them. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Do not "man up"... MAN OUT. Leave. What the hell is the reason you would put up with this?

MarkyMark said...


The men won't leave the USA, because they've been conditioned to believe it's the best country in the world-rah rah! Those of us who have traveled know better though. Since I'm not married; since I have no kids; I don't have to worry about escaping this matriarchal cesspool.

That said, I may do so anyway, because I'm SICK & TIRED of the Big Brother, Nanny State gov't always jamming me up about petty shit! I'm also sick of the feminazi war pigs that pass for women here. Again, those of us who have traveled know what's up...