Thursday, February 21, 2013

Go Your Own Way And They Will Find You Anyway

I have been saying for I don't know how long now that any man who stays focused on his life and his goals doesn't have to waste any time or energy devoting himself to the fine arts of Game. When the lady folks are interested in you they will let you know. 

That doesn't mean if any of you lads who want to increase the number bangs, the number of STDs you may catch or the number of false rape accusations thrown against you should stay away from Game. No, not at all, do whatever you want. I'm just here to tell you that you are not alone if you suspect that all this hoop jumping Game requires isn't really all that necessary. That it's just a numbers Game in the end and there is nothing magical about it but what the hell do I know. I get trashed for merely questioning the sacred institution of Game. 

So I thought maybe it's time you heard it from someone else and from a place you thought you would have never hear it come from. 


You need to make shit happen. Here's how: You need to take more risks. And you need to get rejected. In fact, my challenge to you is to get rejected no fewer than three times. Tonight, if possible. Because it means you're getting somewhere. Also, because it's unlikely you'll even get that far before someone takes you up on it. 

(Trust me on this.)

Men already know this. They play the numbers. They're used to rejection — they accept it as part of the game. If they ask out ten ladies, it means one or two or three will say yes. They go after what they want, and expect rejection. Regularly.

I've gotten rejected lots of times–tons. It sucks every single time. It will always hurt. But it doesn't always have to stop you cold. When I look at the past year alone, I've been told many times "no," or "later," and "maybe not."

I also find men wherever they are — not just out at some bar. Anyone you meet is game, and he doesn't have to be in striking distance of a gin and tonic to be game. 

Really??? Chicks actually go out and find men? 

Wow!!! When does that ever happen?

No, I believe you but for me it's a little too late. I know at some point the whole deal will go south no matter how good it is in the beginning but that's just me. 

What I would like though is for some of these knuckle heads who think they have to devote their whole lives to Game like it's some weird religion to hear what is being said. They don't believe me and even call me a loser for pointing such things out but maybe they might listen if it came from someone else for a change. 


Anonymous said...

Solid points. Some things just are not worth the values society places on them.

MarkyMark said...


I followed a link from another blog where they were discussing negs, and it was to So Suave. I started reading the article on So Suave about neg hits-what they are, the three different types, and how to do them. As I read through the article, I was like WTF?! Why would I want to do that? It's too much damn WORK!


R.P. said...

Ha, exactly, I have seen these poontang warfare strategy summits myself and all the planning that goes into this crap. Don't try to snap them out of it though. They take that stuff way to seriously. It's as if they are refighting the Battle of Stalingrad or some other epic life and death struggle, geez.

djc said...

I don't get rejections. I reject them. ALL of them. I go home to a nice peaceful and quiet house every day. And do exactly what I like, when I like. Why would I want to destroy such a happy existence by introducing chaos and misery into it? And what's worse...begging, or playing a damned game for it. It reminds me of what a wise man I know once said..."Most men are stupid, and most women know it."

Anonymous said...

Don't even waste your breath on the PUA idiots.

I visited a good comrade-in-arms today. I gave to charity. I had good times and bad times.

I accomplished some work, but not as much as I wanted to accomplish.

I did not waste a second casting pearls before PUA swine.

Amateur Strategist said...

Good article. It really is interesting how the less you care about women (I mean really don't care, not just acting like it) the more they come out of the woodwork to try to get you.

R.P. said...

Interesting how it works out that way isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Funny, I remember about a decade ago that women were laughing at the thought of men going on a "marriage strike". Ten years later, it does seem that they aren't laughing any more.

Take The Red Pill said...

If they are finding you anyway, then you are not trying to 'go ghost' hard enough!

Anonymous said...

Paul Elam- the biggest conjob in the MRA and disinfo agent