Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feminism Is Not A Dragon Men Can Slay To Make Things Better

It's more like a deadly virus that renders females angry, bitter and dying alone. 

This article is written to argue that feminism is unnatural, creates more harm than good, and has left generations of unhappy and lost persons in its wake, many still searching for their place in society and God’s universe.

And the solution is? 

You'll never guess.

Wait for it...wait... here it comes...

America is in desperate need to revive its respect for men, fatherhood, polite society and masculine-based religion. This can only happen when men themselves stand up for their dignity and demand a return to roles as leaders in politics, religion, family and society. Until this happens, expect women to walk all over wimpy men until confronted by real men.

What a surprise, you men need to do something about this.  

Even if men did try to talk to young ladies and warn them that Feminism was/is a total CIA Psyop designed to screw women over they would never believe it. Not only do they not believe it they think the men who do try and warn them are the ones who hate them. Then they proceed to throw the shaming catalogue at those men Manboobz style. 

There are some things men can't fix and this is one of them. There isn't any dragon they can go out and kill. This is a virus that has to run it's course. My advice to other men is to step back and let this female pandemic die out on it's own. 


Anonymous said...

Forget about women and enjoy the decline.

Anonymous said...

You are 100% right on, Rex! This isn't an external threat that can be battled and defeated. It's an internal problem. Most people don't even realise that they have been compromised, that they are infected, that their entire worldview is way off. And they'll only reject you if you try and set them straight. Gotta let this go to it's inevitable conclusion. It's ok though, the first wave of feminists who never had babies is already passing through menopause. As that trend continues, the entire idealogy will die out.

ScareCrow said...

Women these days no longer listen to men.

They have painted themselves into a corner of irrationality and hostility.

hans said...

@ScareCrow, you say it like it´s a bad thing.

Feminism ist awesome!

Finally I can do what ever the fuck I want as a man. Live. Without. Remorse.

I can go Ghost and nobody cares, or I can act like an immature asshole and bitches are falling all over each other for my dick.

Only thing I can´t do is breed and expect the "wife" to keep up her side of the bargain for a reasonable amount of time.
Though luck.

I´ll get by.
Wonder how the feminist career cat ladies are doing by now? Ha.

Take The Red Pill said...

The most effective 'weapon' in our arsenal is men's continued and growing indifference to woemyn (MGTOW).

The spate of "where are all of the good men?" and "man up!" articles as well as the sudden concern by FOX News for the death of masculinity in modern society shows how effective GYOW has become. If it wasn't effective, why the belated concern (for the very problem that they have themselves caused, although they deny all responsibility and continue to portray it as a problem with men)?

Another feminist who remains unmarried and childless is another spinster crone who is shown what the result of feminism leads to.

Another man who refuses to marry or have children is another man who remains free of the Matriarchy to live his own life, on his own terms, to be his own person!

Let's continue as we have, and may the great 'man drought' rage on!

R.P. said...

Right on Hans, that's the spirit.

There is no reason in the world why any man should be pissed off about Feminism. The joke was always on women. They only have themselves to blame for their own unhappiness. Oh well, it's not a problem for men to deal with.

TTRP is right too. If men picking up their marbles and walking away from the game wasn't such a problem we wouldn't be hearing so much about it.

There is something else too. I have a theory based on my own personal observations that MGTOW and PUA are physically and mentally healthier than MRAs or Blue Pill Slaves. I think PUA is better off because they at least have goals. Even if it is to catch STDs and get thrown in prison on false rape charges those are still goals. MRAs and BPSs beating their heads up against a wall isn't a goal and I think they suffer as a result. Again just based on my own personal observations.

The mental condition of Feminists are obvious. These bitches are nuts. Even the ones who don't claim to be Feminists like the TradCons are losing it too. There seems to be some sort of Universal Justice when the natural order of things get upset. Women in general aren't doing so well where as certain groups of men are improving in this environment.

This is what I recommend for MGTOW. Now that you have plenty of time for yourself look at this USMC Weight Standards Chart. Most of you are probably good but if you don't fall into these height and weight parameters you need to get there. I do so I'm not saying anything that I haven't done myself and I'm 46 years old.

Being in good physical shape not only improves your mental clarity but I notice it rubs salt in the wounds of women around me at my age who are falling apart. I'm not looking for any revenge against women but it does give me some satisfaction knowing their privileged life is killing them while my second class citizen status is making me stronger.

Have fun with that.

djc said...

Craving vagina has always been a curse for men. And always will.

MarkyMark said...


What do you think about Dalrock, and how he always says that men aren't on a marriage strike? He says that the dearth of marriages is as a result of women delaying marriage in their 20s. What do you think of that? Why?


cybro said...

I'm not sure what Dalrock's position is on the Marriage Strike but as for me I don't like the term Strike. I don't think it is an accurate description of what is occurring. One would have to already be married or working for a company before there can be a strike of either. It's more of a Marriage or Relationship Boycott of women that men are engaging in.

The death of marriage has nothing to do with what age women are getting married it has more to do with the large numbers of women that do get married filing for divorce to the financial destruction of men. Now like I just posted younger men are noticing the damage women do to men through marriage/divorce or just the way they see older men get treated in a relationship and conclude it isn't worth the trouble.

MarkyMark said...


What Dalrock says is that men are NOT doing any boycott of marriage; he says that women in their 20s are doing it, that they're delaying until their 30s. But, once they're good and ready to marry, men are no longer interested. Dalrock scoffs at the notion of a marriage strike or boycott, but I don't; otherwise, we wouldn't be seeing this PLETHORA of articles bitching about the lack of good men...


cybro said...

I must have missed something because we well know that these females who go to university and launch into careers put off marriage due to hypergamy. They are not boycotting the shrinking marriage market they are endlessly marketing their vaginas to buyers that don't exist always believing they can do better.

By the way this is where the PUAs, pretending to be a high bidder, come in and tap on those free marketing samples as if they are the first ones in the history of mankind to figure out how to play that Game.

In the end, like you point out, we get same burned out career sluts whining about how all the good men are gone and men don't want to grow up and commit to them nonsense. It's not a boycott when the seller is consistently pricing the product out of the market and at the same time giving it away for free to some until it becomes worthless to all.

So I would describe what these young ladies are engaged in is more of a fraud than it is a boycott.

MarkyMark said...


I think that Captain Capitalism agrees with us. He has an EXCELLENT post about how men leave the market. He wrote that back in Oct 2008, and it's good reading. I know that what he described in that piece describes me; I got to a point where I simply did not GIVE A SHIT anymore; I simply lost interest.

I like coming home to peace and quiet; I like the absence of drama when I return home. I like being able to do what I want, when I want, how I want, or doing nothing at all. I like being able to take a dump while leaving the bathroom door open. I like all the things about being a bachelor-yeah, Baby!


MarkyMark said...


Here's another good Cappy Cap piece about where the good men are.


Anonymous said...

Haha. men r stupid, slutty and their bitches

Anonymous said...

Good riddance men.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how men complain that feminists are ugly, fat and or a lesbian and that they can't get a man because of it so they hate men. but men in general don't like fat or ugly or lesbian women. but they complain those same women hate men.
wat men are complaining about is a lack of male leadearship in the community and in the households which feminists fought against so that women too can get a say in some things. this has nothing to do with men's natural hate for has EVERYTHIBG to do with POWER.
men have been against feminism since it first began. why some men stood up for it is beyond me. or maybe some of the women were hot. and we all know men lose their minds around hot babes. I bet a million dollars that if every feminist woman looked like Halle Berry (you guys might be racist so ill say Heidi klum) men would not be so anti-feminists. or as a matter of fact since pretty women are put on a pedestal they wouldn't need to be feminists since men give them wat they want and only ugly fatties have to work for it.
MGTOW doesn't have to exist if men started looking for women who are also anti-feminists. there's plenty. google them. but since men prefer hot babes over ugly or average women it will be difficult to find her so I guess you're better off alone.
as an ugly woman myself I do not think men are wrong for saying feminism is for ugly women. I'm no feminist myself but I have seen the ugly fat feminists who wouldn't be feminists if they were hot. but then that doesn't mean that men are good ppl just because they treat the hot babes well and the uglies like dirt. ugly women still are right to say men are monsters and wat not its just the hot babes can't see that cause men like them and protect them from men who do rape and murder. ugly women are never protected from men by other men therefore they KNOW men better than any other woman. I know I do. from the rapes, murders, cheating, lying and the whole sh-bang.

cybro said...

I don't know why this post is suddenly getting attention but here is how MGTOW works for the most part.

Feminism has shown men what the true nature of females are. When given the opportunity, the vast majority of women will destroy their relationships, marriages and families out of petty personal vindictiveness. Since they feeeeel they are not happy everyone else in the world should be unhappy like them.

Whatever, more power to them.

Sure some of them are nice to look at but then again a Rattle Snake is kind of cool to look at too but that doesn't mean I want to live with one.

The bottom line is we don't like all the bad behavior we have seen and we have already won the gender war by simply leaving the battle field. It doesn't matter if Feminism went away tomorrow we will still remember what we have seen and have no desire to look back anyway.

Who knows, I may even turn into a pillar of salt if I did.

Anonymous said...

If given the opportunity most men would rape, murder, abuse and many other heinous crimes. especially abandoning the kids. feminism has given women rights to have a man help her take care of the kids aka child support (which men are fighting tooth and nail to get rid of). if she gets raped she can testify and have the man arrested (but only the men are focusing on the false accusations). Plenty of men abuse and murder. they always have and always will.
oh and also the fact that there are women who defend themselves by killing their abusive partner but men call it cold blooded murder because it was committed after the abuse. boohoo.

cybro said...

Fine, lets say that's all true. Then Feminist should be delighted with MGTOW. If men are that evil we should all go our own way and stay away from females to the greatest extent that we can. For some reason that doesn't seem to be acceptable to women. I wonder why?

Let me tell you guys what the real agenda is. Yes females very much like to demonize men but they don't want men going their own way. They want to financially enslave men on Plantation Feminism. Keep men working for that system all the while screaming about how evil men are and deserve to be slaves.

Nice try ladies but aint going to happen here.

We see through the lies and the shaming. Pay your own bills. I got better things to do with my life than be a wage slave to anyone but me.

Anonymous said...

Men very much demonize women too. do you watch the news and listen to rap? rap glorifies disrespecting women and violence against them. when you watch the news every single day you hear a man raping a woman, murdering a woman, beating a woman and on and on and on. Apparently not. this is still a male dominated world and when men say that women are nothing without men women are going to listen and men KNOW that. until feminism came and made the workplace unisex. which made men angry and feeling unwanted.
men created work for men but you blame feminism for enslaving men?
You say men are wonderful ppl but when you take a look at history and modern day crime, more than 85% have been done by men but you think feminism is evil?
You claim all men want to be loving fathers but you also want men to choose whether to help the woman or not....and blame feminism for fathers for leaving. but that's what the male "male abortion"is for....but feminism is to blame? Not all fathers are forced to leave.
if every woman agreed with everything that feminism says about men (that's bad) then yes women should be happy with MGTOW. I think the problem is when you blame feminism for it.
feminism has done a lot to help women but men like to point at the minority who say all men are bad while at the same time say all women are evil if given the chance. I guess it takes one to know one

Anonymous said...

If women are to blame for choosing to live without men then what is MGTOW? It's the same thing.

cybro said...

Women can do whatever they want, it's of no concern to me, I'm not involved in anything they do any longer.

Anonymous said...

Well maybe men should start dating ugly, fat women. I bet you ONLY chased after pretty women who had the personality of a paper but was also a slut that you married, have kids with and I'm sure one of them is a girl and now want nothing to do with women.
but when women complain that there are no good men out there the men say "women only want alpha males and ignore the hard working betas".
But its ok for you guys to go after the hot babes and ignore the average/ugly women . oh but wait I forgot.....ugly, fat women are feminists who hate men.
men are visual ppl and they ONLY want the women that give them boners, aka the hot women while plenty of women date men for who they are on the inside.
that's OK though

Anonymous said...

You weren't involved with women in the first place.....maybe the hot women but not women in general as in the fatties, uglies, blacks, handicaps, other minorities (unless you are a minority yourself) and other women who didnt give you a boner.
once again.....IT'S OK.